Out now: v0.0.3!

Just a small fix to avoid being flood-kicked when playing large multiline popups.

TinyPopupDB is a plugin for Xchat. It generates funny, mostly colorful, often ascii-graphics garnished messages directed at the person whose nick you pick from the channel userlist.

Why did we write it?

I (Boogaloo) am a child at heart. When we still had our Amiga, I used to liven up chat on IRC with popups generated by a great AmIRC add-on called PopUpMagic written by Zonkerz aka Majiiik.You can get it here: http://pages.cthome.net/amiga

So, with the help of my husband, P!\K, I started to rewrite PopUpMagic as a Perl script for Xchat.
Unfortunately, this did not work out, so I got P!\K to write a C plugin with the same functionality as PopUpMagic, even using the same popups carefully adapted to fit the Xchat default color scheme.


In the development of TinyPopupDB, P!\K added an editing function to make it easier for me to adjust the popup database adopted from PopUpMagic to the color scheme of Xchat as well as eliminate some bugs in the ascii graphics. We decided to keep this in the published version. It enables you to customize and create popups. Groovy, isn't it?

System requirements

TinyPopupDB was tested with Xchat 1.4.2 (including Gtk 1.2). On special requests, we tested again using 1.5.7, did some changes to the code and the Makefile, and we hope that TinyPopupDB is now compatible with all versions which feature plugin support. If not, feel free to send us word by clicking the "Contact" link below.

OK, here we go!

View it!

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